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Wanna know more about me? Check out my Spacehey. Kickass layout ammirite? But i'm assuming you don't wanna read all that, or you already know me..which is how you're here...unless you randomly found this....but I can still introduce myself. Yo yo yo!!!! I'm mainly known as Flurtz online, but i'm Eli. Nickname 4 my actual name that most people know me by...Non-online that is. I have like a million nicknames different people call me but those are the ones mainly used (obviously). I love nu-metal! Obviously..Why did I decide to have the worst as my passion and #1 favorite thing ever? Don't ask me. Underground nu metal especially! Although there's like. 0.2 underground nu metal fans under the age of like 70..at least that I can find. I needa go on a scavenger hunt for em dawg.. Also hip hop. Has my heart!!!!!! And baggy clothes. Big clothes. All of em! Yea yea whateva keep blabbering with that "Oh fashion people suck! They're all so pretentious!" That's just the Title-Fight-"listening"-Affliction-abusing-Empyre-wearing-kids-who-think-b.b.-simons-belts-are-the-best-thing-to-come-to-man-can't-name-2-fighters-"i need a goth mommy"-saying-face-covering kids..Sorry for going off track yo. Some other things i like are jackass, video games (too many 2 list. but my fav is THPS. any of em), n er..IDK jus go check my Spacehey if ya wanna kno. Despite some things I like, i'd call myself a happy person! Usually.. Not a very kind person, but a happy one. I try to be nice though! I won't just start bullying some autistic kid or something. I'm not very mean. I'd say i'm pretty friendly. I'm kind 2 people who r kind 2 me. Dumbass tests on tha internet say i'm an ENFP but I have not a fukin clue bout all that personality BS..I'm sure it's important though. Not as dumb as that star sign BS!!!! I'm a Libra btw. Only saying dat cuz ppl born in October are better. I don't make the rules dude. I don't care a lot about sexuality stuff but i'll say I like everyone. And I tell my homies i'm gonna touch em so maybe that counts as gay..Me personally....Hell naw! It's just bromance. I got a fatass cat named Munky (guess who he's named after. real impossible question, i know.), some dogs i luv 2 death n 2 lil bros. Not a fan of em! Uhh what's more info...My fav color is green..Tha things I care most 4 r my all consoles, mtn dew, my adidas, n my jonathan duckis. I don't really have pictures of myself so just imagine Shrek if he was a mexican kid. That's close enough. I can add some pics if I end up liking any of me..I can't be THAT hideous!

If for some reason you wanna know like..specific stuffs about me....or some unspecific stuff like my favorite animals (which i'll answer now, it's monkeys!) you can check out this blog I made on Spacehey which is just pimp-my-profile surveys i've completed. I spent a long time on those bitches go peep em!!!!!

Wanna contact tha 1 n only? E-mail me or instant message me on Spacehey! My e-mails freedlikeweed@gmail.com btdubs.

Wanna check out my old site? Click here!

dont judge it. its from my old scene emo phase.. @ least i put good music on tha site... who hasnt had a phase like that man... i bet youve had one! dont call me nothin..






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