I also make frequent blogs on my Spacehey, linked in my about me. If the music doesn't play when u click..jus click around tha button n click K 2 pause n play. MB 4 dat...U gotta kinda click the 'L' on 'click'. Weird yea! But shut up!!! Jus play around.. {Songs: #1. Eyeless by Slipknot #2. Left by Folder #3. Broken by Glitch #4. Stories of a Gee by Sleepy Loka #5. Cholo by Stitch} Higher the blog, (downer) latest tha entry! Also obviously there's gon b like.. NSFW n shyt.. don't say i didn't warn ya....

1:39AM 6/18/04

hi again its been a while but i feel motivated 2 do things 2nite n its already l8 so hopefully ill still feel tha same tomorro so i can make this site betta cuz its real crappy. even after i fix it up itll still look crappy but its ok as long as i like it.. 2nite ive been doin alotta drawing but..on ma laptop yk with tha lil touchpad thing. n it still looks pretty aight which is kool cuz yk its difficult 2 draw on them lil touchpads or *shiver* mouses....hopefully ill finish all of em soon maybe ill add em 2 my gallery here if i like em. also im a bit happy cuz ion wanna b specific again as mentioned like. a month ago but yk stuff in tha pastttt i been thinkin bout it less n when i do usually its err kinda positive yk. like i wont see em again n sumn like that prolly wont happen cuz bitch i can fight neow heh do nawt mess wit me.... ok idk bout that but i wont see em eva again probably..probably...n its in tha past i wont forgive cuz thats bs i wont 4get cuz u jus dont 4get ts n since i think bout it a lil less n im more uhh not mopey bout it i feel like im bein less dramatic..kinda...cuz yea whut happend was bad but it wasnt that bad so i feel like im bein all sissy crybaby sensitive yk... also srry 4 not bein specific its cuz 1 nobody gon read it n i wanna yap 2 if sum1 reads it then they wont think im some lil bitch who randomly talks bout bad stuff thas happend 2 em on their fukin website blablabla bla.

8:23PM 5/28/04

lifes funner when u dont take anything 2 seriously... would u rather laugh @ evrything even when it aint even allat funny or b all serious n take stuff seriously? lame!

10:27PM 5/2/04

even wit tha lil chance hes gonna see it or any1 @ that, heres a response 2 adams question asked in my guestbook...hell fukin yea i still like splatoon brah..i needa play it again i jus found out i missed anotha lil fancy schmancy splatfest..springfest was it?.....err idfk prolly i jus kno im PISSED

(more whinin n bitchin..sorry 4 dat ill try 2 stop bein all crybaby i swear err read my otha blogs if u dont wanna hear sissy shet i swear tha otha 1s r better brah) anyways nun bads even happened but i keep feelin all sad..2day was actually quite nice n i feel fukin dramatic like i keep cryin bout stuff thats happened in tha past that werent even that fukin bad dude i wish i could jus get over it like how i get over evrything else..how do i get over sum stuff so ez then these things that ion like thinkin bout or rememberin r tha things i always got in my mind...also ion rlly wanna get all specific n say shtuff yakno cuz..thas kinda random n i wouldnt want random ppl jus seein dat while tryna see my blog brah idc if nobody reads these..wit tha chance dat sum1 will ion want em jus seein evrything bad thas in my mind fooooooo im already doin alot by cryin bout lil ass stuff here but its my site yo i can write wahteva i please..anyways i wish (i was a lil bit taller) my mood didnt b all weird n stuff..like all tha time goin from happy 2 sad 2 mehhhhhh idfk yk n i wish (i wish i was a baller) i wasnt so dramatic n cried bout tha lilest stuff..i aint sensitive or nun ion cry bout like lil jokes or ppl makin fun of me stuff like that but like.actions ors mth yk.idk how 2 explain it but ppl say my feelings r fine n normal but ion think so dude im bein a fukin sissy or smth i feel gay dawg yk..its ok 4 otha ppl 2 cry bout stuff like dat but when i do it its like sensitive or smth idk i wouldnt call myself sensitive but 4 sum stuff like this i feel so dramatic? oh also idk what a vent is by definition but ion want dis 2 b called a vent cuz thas like sum gay 2020 "heh guess i deserve it" bullshet so dont call ts a vent or sumn..whinin n bitchin like i said...no sussy impostor words brah..i wish (i had a girl who looked good i would call her) i didnt resort 2 stupid shyt 2 stop thinkin bout stuff i say i like it but idk l8r it makes me feel dirtier than i already feel i feel gross sometimes not cuz of what i do but what otha ppl have done ifyk idk but what i do jus adds onto that feelin.i still like it tho @ least it makes me feel nice n stops me from thinkin bout weird shyt most of tha time..also if ur wonderin wtf im yappin bout rememba i said ion wanna get all specific or sumn cuz whut if sum random mfs jus readin dis..i wouldnt wanna read that edgelord shyt so ion want othas 2 read it n think im an edgelord or sumn..err i guess it can b called character development yk..that sounds pretty kool...sumtimes, most times, ion wanna think i jus want nothing in my brain cuz most of my thoughts jus make me feel shat man even tho i control my own mind it still does ts.i wish (wish i had a rabbit in a hat wit a bat n a 6'4 impala) i wasnt a dick or whateva some ppl say im nice some say im weird idk ion think im a good person despite how i try 2 b nice 2 ppl n i wish i could jus think faster or sumth in i wasnt like slow so i could jus say smth that sounds nice in tha moment n not say smth that would come off as rude thinkin it would b nice then regrettin it l8r yk..or i cant control ts n i jus start bein mean 2 any1 who pisses me off like a fukin bitch i wish i could jus b kind but 4 sum reason i guess i jus cant b good bruh idfk i sound stupid dawg n i wish (yea im sayin i wish way 2 much.imma finish tha whole song dawg) despite bein rude selfish whateva whateva idc i love or forgive ppl way 2 fukin easy when ik theyve hurt me 2 badly 4 dat but idk maybe its good cuz yk ion wanna jus h8 sum1 4eva no matter what they did i guess n ive loved or trusted mfs 2 easily in tha past now i can barely trust mfs which idk maybe issa good thing cuz u cant 100% trust evry1 brah nobodys 100% free from doin u dirty

anyways hmm..2day a girl smeared shet on tha bathroom walls...i was gon peek in 2 see but i decided thatd b quite creepy but i jus heard it from otha ppl..otha ppl who aint known by me 4 lyin....so ofc i believed em brah n alotta ppl were sayin it n a teacher brah...n yk who walked out right after tha camote was smeared on tha walls..SI MS CROSS EYED if yall rememba her...hmm what else....oo im gettin a korn shirt thas pretty kool..n a tupac shirt RIP..idk what else im prolly gonna sleep im tired n ion wanna think no more

5/1/04 8:59PM

WOO LAST FEW WEEKS B4 SCKOOL ENDS! jus gotta make it 2 may 27th.. its early but this night is fun..i've had hella homework..still got hella 2 do...but i'm watchin viva la bam n imma continue all night..any night i'm watchin my favorite shows is a good night! plus this homework is ez pz..gotta make a kobe poster!!!! had 2 choose between sum of my fav players.. jordan kobe or rodman....ofc i chose kobe!!! gotta get my grades up cuz they suck, i got like 3 Fs n 1 of my teachers didn't even wanna turn in my mid progress or whatevs cuz i "barely turned in work" WHEN I DID!!!! anyways, i'm jus redoin tha work dat PUNKASS BITCH said i didn't do. i'm not sayin she a liar buuut.... she a liar. 2 TEACHERS! 2 OF EM BIG OL LIARS!!! n i'm makin a diss against my art teacher. i got a guy 2 produce it..trust... yk who else knos a guy..MY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways like 5 ppl told me 2day that theyre gonna listen 2 folder..my fav band eva...so i'm real fukin happy bout that dawg..udk how excited i get when mfs tell me they like folder dude..NOW I GOT MULTIPLE FRIENDS WHO LIKE IT WOOHOOOOO more than those 5 ppl!!!!!! u don't undastand how much i love folder dude..ik evrything bout em....im their numba 1 fan dawg..anyways i'm missin these kids i played wit @ tha park on tha weekend..we had a whole war n stuff...i'm still findin lil pieces of whateva from tha ground that they threw @ me on my bed..also my ma is off-island in tha states rn, she's in bakersfield (korn!!!) rn but she's goin 2 err san francisco..andreas...antonio..idk how many sans there r but shes goin 2 1 of em tomorro..n she said she got me sum big ol pants...i'm hopin theyre as big as she's tellin me they r!!! n shirts but i'm yet 2 see em..i'll see em tomorro wheneva she calls which is prolly after sckool...lets hope they're sumthin i like but i'm jus glad she ain't sayin my pants r like a parachute like my unc n givin me these gifts!!!! thx ma!! so gr8ful....ik my unc would gimme skinny jeans or sumn..naw he ain't dat insane but he'd prolly bully me brah..

3:34AM 4/27/04

more lack of grammar cuz i'm lazy! i just got done wit testin, yo.. cut me sum slack. anyways FINALLY i'm done wit that BS testin!!!!! last part felt like i was gettin american citizenship or sumthin man..who's carol bartson dude IDFK WHAT SHE FOUNDED?????? n i think i need my american citizenship taken by how badly i'm GUESSIN i did @ that part..well it doesn't even effect my grade so who gives a shet..jus a waste of time if ya ask me! anyways i've done sum stuff like runnin over my lil bro wit big ass tires ts was funny asl he was cryin on tha ground goin EEEEOOOWWWW I CANT FEEL MY BODY!!!!! HAHAHA sounds like a pagot XD n we found sum huge inflatable condom thing n got tha car 2 run it ova n there was smoke n shyt comin out dat was pretty cool..i jus regret not throwin tha smaller tires onto tha road it ain't allat dangerous, jus funny cuz they bounce evrywhere... Anyways hmm..whuts sumthin 2 write..Oh also!!!!! I'm still workin on more stuff 2 add 2 this shitty site. Like more sections n stuff. Whateva you call em (why'd my grammar turn good all of a sudden? see! tha smartness is inside of me foo) idk these websitey words. yk what i mean prolly.. like parts dedicated 2 things or stories ect..i'm sure some of yall would wanna see stories ik i luv tellin em....anyways gotta use some old computer from like 11 years ago about? IDK i can't tell time that well..but i like it...tha audio quality is shitty sure, but it doesn't look all lame n flat. like i'm talkin how tha UI looks n stuff. n tha screen is all teeny tiny n has like 10 pixels ROFL but again, i like it! much more than modern computers. all lame.. n past few days all i can listen 2 is kittie..especially that album spit! 1 of my favs. i've had it on repeat 4 4eva..same wit folder n psychea, but mainly kittie! i think i have kittie syndrome or sum shyt cuz i'm doin more than jus listenin 2 their music a ton xd anyways i'm also happy cuz i've been researchin 1 of if not my fav band folder n actually found a lil info i didn't already kno! i'm always so excited 2 learn new stuff bout my fav things lol OH ALSO I WENT 2 MY LIL BROS JIU JITSU CLASSES n will b 4 tha next 2 weeks..jus 2 watch! n this 1 kid is sucha wimp man..he sounds JUST like cousin kyle from south park n he even has big ol glasses..anyways he was fightin my lil bro which is only cuz nobody else ever wants 2 fight him..i can see y! n he fell n started yellin "EOWWWWW I TRIED 2 FALL ON MY BUTT BUT FELL ON MY BAWLLLSSS I THINK I POPPED 1!" N REMEMBA HE SOUNDS JUS LIKE COUSIN KYLE SO IT'S EVEN FUKIN FUNNIER HAHAHA anyways who's side r yall on drake or kendrick? KENDRICK! idc if he hasn't responded yet, he's betta than that zestfest by evrything. "oh ur bein biased!" DGAF

3:09AM 4/23/04 {Happy bday John Cena!}

I'd make this blog earlier, but I fell asleep. Anyways, I felt like dokko tha whole day..Which is why I slept so early...Srry i kno i'm gettin all boo hoo-ey again..which i dont like 2 do, but i don't really have anotha thing 2 write about, n i kno nobody will really read these..which i'm not sad about, i'm just blabberin, but i'd still like 4 there 2 b something 2 read here. i've been thinkin about the past 2 much l8ly n ion rly kno how 2 get my mind off things. i've tried jus doing goofy stuffs like writin a song bout bein a fag..which i find hilarious...also believe it or not i can say that.don't get angry @ me...but when i get tired of it idk.i'd talk 2 friends but it's 3am dumbass..i try not 2 take things seriously so i guess if i jus keep tryna b positive n make jokes bout err stuffz yk i'll prolly feel better l8r. ok what's smth else..also srry 4 lack of grammar here ion wanna b all fancy.i'm tired n lazy yo..anyways i hope ion sound mean but mfs piss me off.by mfs i mean tha kids @ sckool who want nothing but attention..dawg stop whining @ sum random dude..that's not gon make him like u..@ least i hope not cuz then i'd think he's a weirdo. n is it just me or whenever i see a stanley i get pissed? not cuz i'm jealous, thank tha LORD i'm not a stanley user, but cuz stanley users jus piss me off.they're all {"oh make exceptions! not all r bad!" no.all of em} so corny n care bout nothing but their dumbass cup..n even worse is when they buy millions...dude it's a reusable cup 4 a reason n they're ugly as fuck stop buyin em my god..n i hope this doesn't sound homophobic but i think these dudes r actually gay.not that theres anything wrong wit that i jus think saggin skinny jeans wit skinny ass boxers, cheeks out..wearin tiny ass v neck shirts, those big blue glasses, skinny shorts that go above tha knees, n short ass socks WHILE touchin..more than jus regular homie touchin like hugs or dappin up..i mean like...how ud touch ur girl...especially durin err innappropriate moments..is GAY! which i think should b justified. they look metrosexual..n then they talk all day bout how much they h8 women?

wanna kno anotha thing i h8? ok..imma sound real goofy...i promise i ain't a bad typa emo..or emo @ all..that phase ended a long time ago. we don't talk bout it. but posers...wheneva i see sum1 say "omg how can sum1 only listen 2 rap when THIS exists!!!!!" i get tha urge 2 punch sum1..they always barely even listen 2 whateva they put, they jus wanna impress ppl! which cough is tha definition of poser ain't it.

this ain't related 2 anything i wrote bout earlier but y am i horny as shyt wheneva i cant choke my chicken.like in class or sum i b havin blue balls but then tha second i get home n im home alone 4 tha next few hours i feel NOTHIN then tha second theres a million ppl around me suddenly i needa drake my snake bad asl.mb 4 da tmi dis my site i can write whateva i want bitch

10:57PM 4/21/04

Not to get all boo hoo-ey n shyt {although this is my site n i can write whateva i want!!!!},but I feel like whenever I actually feel real nice 4 once it all goes away n either somethin shitty happens or IDK I jus stop feelin nice yk..I don't kno what I did 2 deserve it. Maybe i'm jackin off 2 much n God doesn't like dat. Sorry brah!

4/20/04 3:58PM {4/20!}

I think i've made a pretty solid list of top 8 white chicks. This was a very hard list 2 make. Not cuz there's too many, there's 2 little!

  1. Amy Lee
  2. Talena Atfield
  3. Jessica Mayers (the 1 in sugarcoma)
  4. Kim Royer
  5. Christina Aguilera
  6. Lois Griffin
  7. Gen-XX
  8. Britney Spears

{11:48PM} Hmm..What's something 2 write about....Yakno how I b sayin Slipknots real corny n I cant get into em? {well, if you know me, or have me friended on SPH.} Well I think i'm in my redemption arc. I still think everything they made after '08 is ass n they're corny sometimes..Especially that mf Corey...Unfortunately..But like 90% of what i've been listenin to the past 2 days is Slipknot..I forgot how good their self-titled was! I was brainwashed by their newer shyt into thinkin all of it sux! They were 1 of the first nu-metal bands I liked! Prolly cuz they're what, like, second most popular???? But still how could I do that! Ok no i'd prolly do it again jus cuz they're corny like I said. Well..How could I do that 2 Slipknot as a whole! Cuz again. Their new shyt is trash. Dog water. Dookie!!!!!!!!!

4/19/04 11:50AM-12:21AM {Happy 4/20!}

First blog! Dude wanna know sum shyt? Well in sckool..Idgaf, I love hearin drama dude. Who doesn't need sum chisme. Anyways heres some I heard 2day that made me laugh.. So #1! This 1 kid dude..I think he has a lil down. I have no clue. Half down half up yakno. He looks like he has down syndrome but only a little. Like if sum1 who doesn't have down syndrome got mixed wit someone who doesn't. Cuz ppl wit down syndrome don't give their looks 2 their kids right? Err i'm not tha sharpest tool in tha shed yakno I could b real wrong rn. But anyways, he gave this girl in my class some lil note sayin "I LOVEEE YOU!" fully serious. Obviously she threw it away but bro still wants her...Syndrome down along wit tha rizz..Cmon bro....Is this offensive? Hope not. If you're readin this n u have down syndrome, I hope this doesn't meet u badly. I'm fond of u guys, ur all real nice..Anyways, anotha thing is this 1 dude in my class had his note 2 his girl given 2 tha teacher n she read ts in front of tha class n it was err..Lil not safe for work warning but having to do with waterfalls and hot dogs. His words not mine..Who calls it a waterfall dude....Errr I guess as long as she's yakno wet..means she likes him....errr loves in tha air. Hmmm whats anotha anotha anotha OHH this 1 dude wit FATASS BROWS big ass boy 2 who fought me bought Eminem n MF DOOM..Sayin MODERN EMINEM IS BETTA THAN MF DOOM. Insane take....Then he had the nerve 2 call me whateva dumbass names he somehow has tha vocabulary level 2 call me? PSHHHHHHH!!!!! He didn't even say em 2 my face! He jus said it 2 my lil bro! The fuk kinda sissy pussy shyt is that? Ok enough! Back to tha point, he asked this girl in my class..Not 2 b confused wit previous girl who doesn't have eyebrows, to go 2 some dance, n she ofc said no n she was polite bout it.. {Also tbh, I thought they was cousins. They look JUST alike. I guess opposites really do attract since she gladly didn't like dat mf! Well they do say soulmates look like eachotha..Maybe that's why siblings or datin is such a popular game. I don't buy it.} Then he got all his friends to start goin @ her n shyt? Cuz she politely rejected bro?? Now don't call me a fukn simp or nothin cuz that ain't me dawg..I just kno that bargin chicks 4 rejectin u is bitch behavior! What a cornball!!!!! Go ask that girl who looks like uncle Ian to go. I'm sure she'd say yes. Man ion like that girl..Always has my name in her mouth...I'm surprised a mouth fits on her head with how much space her forehead takes! God dayum she has a cranium! Looks like Rihanna Earl Sweatshirt n JD made a clone! It is HUGE!!! I'm tellin ya man I can see my reflection. Sometimes I mistake it for a big ol coconut n grab tha machete jus 2 b disappointed cuz it turns out 2 b her forehead! She even has tha same exact eyes n smile as Uncle Ian too. It's uncanny. AND ABOUT IANS..This tub of FUKIN LARD IAN! He made a diss against me n i'm still workin on that diss against him. If ur friends wit me you prolly kno bout tha diss. I got bars man, trust me. Ion got boxes of Irish Spring 4 nothin pari. The other day my lil bro made all his lil weirdo friends boo me while I walked by cuz he's been a lil emo dick l8ly (no offense to emos, he's jus bein emo. The bad typa emo. He's not emo in a Gerard Way like y'all. Hehe.) n keeps bein a lil h8r 4 no reason. He's been listenin 2 Limp Bizkit a lot..Maybe that's why he's bein so hatey 2 me! I love Limp Bizkit, but damn lil bro jus cuz Fred says it's cool 2 b a h8r doesn't mean u should b 1! Not to me @ least!!!! Also he showed me his lil Limp Bizkit drawings..Also lil drawings of JNCOs n rappers like Kanye n Del. I thought they were real sweet! I love when lil kids show me their drawings of things I like!!!! My lil bro ain't THAT lil but still. I appreciated it!!!!! How nice!! ANYWAYS I WENT REAL OFF TRACK! So, Ian, he got on all 4s n started BARKIN @ me. I think he's gay. Cuz no str8 kids do this. Now there's no problem with that, but he acts real weird..Always makin those....Dick sucky motions yk..Moanin....Ion think he's uhh..All there in tha head. If ya catch my drift dude..I think I know why...Sorry I was boutta make a joke but that ones a lil risky....Anyways guess what happened after he made em all bark @ me! ALL THA LIL GIRLS IN HIS CLASS DEFENDED ME N THEY ALL GOT IN TROUBLE! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Shout out 2 those lil girls. Thx 4 defendin me LOLZ I was l8 2 class but I got a good laff b4 it. There's more drama stuffs I can write tomorrow. "Why are you writing about drama @ sckool? R u sum sissy gossiper????" No!!!! It's jus fukin funny dude..N what else am I gonna write!

Also I don't get these girls that I mentioned? Well i mentioned 1 of em. They always got my name in they mouth when i've never talked 2 them??? The fuk do yall want dawg what'd I do..I've talked shit bout em but only after they was yappin bout me n sayin shyt! They've even talked bout me right in front of my face?? They lucky I decided 2 mind myself n jus chill there but I wish it was normal 2 jus start swingin on ppl who r bein dicks! But naw! Sckools gotta fukin suspend 4 ts! How?? It's jus defense! This 1 girl is a big ass bad typa nerd whos always drawin them dumbass "y2k" stars evrywhere n "types like this !!" dawg idgaf bout u wantin 2 b aesthetic make ur damn hotspot name big mexican ballsack or smth like tha rest of us not "renren !! ^-^" u purple haired barney lookin bitch..N this otha girl....Maybe she's mad @ me cuz she tried 2 b friends wit me? Sorry ion wanna b friends wit some random annoyin ass girl dawg..N what kinda girl is talkin bout random dudes that have neva talked 2 em? Ain't u supposed 2 talk bout some otha girl who said smth bout ur friend or sum shyt like tha othas? Y'all runnin outta ppl 2 talk smack bout or huh.. She's tha Uncle Ian lookin bitch btw. She's built like a penguin. She even waddles.....Maybe it's her forehead size gettin 2 ha.Or cuz she's wearin men's size 93842834 Filas and those skinny ass jeans. I waddle hella in my baggy pants but I guess skinny jeans are more waddle-able! Also did I mention how fukin annoyin their voices r? All they do is talk n they jus HAD 2 have the most annoyin accents. It's like valley girl mixed with Raquelle. In a horrible way. And don't get me started on how they laugh..Or how they talk 2 people who aren't their friends! Like me! Do you really gotta treat evry1, even strangers like shit jus cuz they haven't befriended ur bitchass? I wonder y they didn't! Also i've noticed 4 some reason girls my grade @ sckool either really fukin h8 me or like me {in a friendly way ofc} but not really neutral....but i'm wondering how some of them came 2 hate me when i've never spoken more than a sentence to them outside of sckoolwork..Not just girls. Everybody! All the people who hate me have barely spoken to me! I don't get it, i've never really done anything strange either. At least my hatred for people actually has reasonings.. Like tha nazi twin towers kid! He creeps me out..Then he says I'M the creepy one! Huh!?!?!?!?!?! You're main joke is that your a pedophile..Yea i'm way creepier lil bruh...But luckily more people are ok with me than h8 me..Same with me! I like a lot more ppl than I h8! End--4:01AM {No it didn't take me that long 2 write..I just yapped @ different times!}