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Oooh graphix..Graphics..Howeva u wanna spell em. I love em! But sadly about..2 months ago? Hmm bout dat! I lost all of em cuz my dumbass didn't make a damn backup thing. But here's my graphics that i've gathered since then! If you'd like to see more, you can check out my Spacehey which again..is linked on my about me. If u want more jus go 2 my spacehey. it has alot more. My fault that alotta em are just album covers. I didn't have the time 2 put any otha cool actual graphix! I jus decided 2 put stuff I like so ppl who also like em would come ova n friend me. On Spacehey btdubs..I'll find more kool 1s sumtime! Pinkie swear dawg....Scroll all the way down to get back!


Last updated: 4/20/04