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im so gay i suck dick evryday yk how i love touchin male baes i wanna fondle a big mans cheeks let me cum all ova yo sheets soy tan gay por ti


wanna kno how 2 make any cheap-shitty-prolly expired box of macaroni fire?????? GUARANTEED 2 have u not takin any shits 4 @ least like. 3 days. IRRESISTABLE! just like tha inventor. here dawg..listen 2 tha chef.

so i had dis old box of sum shitty mac n cheese n i was like.yk what imma chef i got ez ass ingredients n i needa make ts good. so thas whut i did n i was like god dayum ts bangin so now imma share dis blessin i got wit yall cuz ion want yall stuck eatin NASTY ASS LAME macaroni wit barely any shtuffs 2 add.. im guessin u have most if not all these items if not then go find sum alternative...if not then ur loss bud ur missin out

1. get tha macaroni obviously put da cheese in tha box NO SHOT u already did dis now dis how u make it fire

2. HELLA shredded mexican cheese any kind any kind if u dont got dat then jus put hella cheddar thatll do jus fine

"how much do i put daddy?" dont fear..jus measure wit ur heart like i did n u shuld kno how much "HELLA" is.

3. HELLA paprika as much as u can do

4. hella pepper n optionally hella tajin n hella any otha yumyum spices or sauces ya got that would taste fire wit it

5. hella of sum otha cheese personally, i put mozarella but u can choose any on top of allat n i put it ina lil container n put tha cheese ova n microwaved it but im sure u can jus put it while its in tha pot..looks way yummerer if u put it on top tho n dont microwave ts 4 2 long even wit a lil towel on top or else it gon get dry n thas tha LAST thing u want yo

6. get meat. any typa meat sausage bacon recommend bacon or chicken tho....cuz that jus sounds yummiest. especially chicken. chicken that sounds glorious....if ur vegan then ur missin out @ least b like pescatarian or sum shyt n get sum fish u pussy stop takin tha cows grass 2 eat u cruel cruel soul

7. put anythin else ud want 2 biggen ur back n eat up babygirl..or babyboys diddy yk...


lost some parts-all jumbled up cuz idk ion like seeeeien it all fancfccyyyyy yk its stupdiidddde-dont take this 2 seriously evry1goesthruitstopbeinsosensitivelookintomyeyestellmeitfeelsniceydoutouchmeithinkithurtstakepicturesofmemakmeyoslut its ok you were curious bllahhhhhhh mscrap dis corny shyyyyt work on da GAY song

not lyrics, notes -how ms norissa quit -ghosts in palau -folder shrine manalicious as suggested by idiot -birria -share megatron1000000 recipe. -strange things u were into when u was tounger